Trump names his favorite beaver to be Secretary of the Interior

sarah_palin-1478931822-329The news of who will serve in Trump’s cabinet just keeps getting richer. Insiders say that all around anti-feminist and experienced Alaska Governor Quitter Sarah Palin may be named to serve as Head Beaver for the Secretary of the Interior job.

When asked what qualified her for the job, President-elect Donald Trump tossed a word salad together that was part political nonsense and part Serious As Hell Insanity.

“Well, as we all know, the Secretary of the Interior is in charge of all the parks and wildlife and things outside and below the Beltway. And given the fact that Sarah Palin has a nice beaver below her Beltway, I think that perfectly positions her to be the Head Beaver of the Interior Department. And as I’ve told you before, I excel at grabbing beavers, and I’m really excited that a hot beaver like Sarah Palin is ready to do this job.”


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