Not feeling the sympathy for Hulk Hogan

HoganOne can’t help hear the news about Hulk Hogan’s legal judgment against, a website famous for sharing sex tapes and exposes of celebrity and individual scandals.

The advent of revenge porn and celebrity nudes on the Internet has produced notable events such as the great Fappening that launched nude pics of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and others. Invasion of privacy is serious business, and stolen digital photos and movies are definitely theft of both privacy and dignity. People who are victimized by those acts deserve legal recourse.

Yet somehow the Hulk Hogan case feels different. This is a guy who made his living in shiny tight shorts in a sport that really wasn’t a sport at all. The great deception of pro wrestling was a manufactured titillation of violence and revenge. In other words, the Hulk Hogan we all know from public exposure really is a fake. He doesn’t use his real name, and his choice of conducting a reality show belies any real desire for privacy.

One could argue that objectively, a porn video starring Hulk Hogan in the act of screwing a best friend’s wife is just another extension of the false reality he created to generate fame and fortune. It is a far different circumstance from the invasion of privacy constituted by the release of a sex video by an angry or profiteering boyfriend. That ruins lives.

HoganBut Hulk Hogan’s life was not ruined by the release of yet another round of grandiose (and possibly gross, I have not watched it) video of his penis. So what? There are 7 billion people on this earth. About 50% of them have penises of one shape or another.

Hogan pranced around the wrestling ring with his barely covered penis on full display. He participated in a violent mockery of sports. He is an overblown, possibly-steroid-induced caricature of a real person.

So it’s a bit difficult to muster much sympathy for the man. But then I consider pro wrestling as much an affront to common sense and civility as a XX rated porn movie show in public. We’re seeing the consequences of the public’s inability to separate fact from fiction in the rising star of Donald Trump on the political scene. True perversity is less in the subtlety of what happens in the bedroom and much more about what happens in public. It’s funny how the Republicans have had that backwards all these years, and are now paying a price about as bad as Hulk Hogan, the man exposed for being a phony in every respect. Or lack of it.

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