Junkyard dogs

junkyard-dog-a19426112Look! It’s a Junkyard Dog!

Barking at the end of his chain tied to the tin doghouse of feckless conservative politics that have bankrupted the nation fiscally while driving people into rabid dissonance about their morality. He’s one of a million Junkyard Dogs that still believe that if you bark loud enough and show enough hate, someday someone will actually let you loose for revenge on all those that have taunted you.

But for good reason, the Junkyard Dogs in America still remain chained to their own misery in a Junkyard pile of denial, prejudice and selfish aims that make up the junkyard of neo-conservative and populist fascism ruling the Right Wing Junkyard of today. Woof woof.

But not for long if they have their way. In fact, there’s another Junkyard Dog barking loud as hell with all the other chainlink Junkyard dogs that have voted for Reagan, then Bush, then the other Bush, and now Trump. The Junkyard Owners whip them into a frenzy while they sit in their fancy tin huts counting money from the parts of America they’ve already sold off to the highest bidder. That’s how a Junkyard Owner operates, you see.

Of course, Junkyard Dogs actually care only about the red meat and power promised to them by their neocon owners. And for that reason, the Junkyard Dogs are still starved for real attention. The Junkyard Owners love their evil bark but don’t really like to feed them all that much.Junkyard dog

It’s a cruel philosophy, yet one that is easily exported to other countries. And whenever we’ve sent our feverish barking and junkyard politics to places like Iraq and Syria, we create entirely new junkyards run by secretive and mercenary members of the military-industrial complex. We’ve repeatedly funded Junkyard Dogs like Saddam Hussein, but when he barked too loud and got out of hand, we swept in like Junkyard Owners and got the poor dog hung by his neck in the public square. Then we took over the same doghouse used by Saddam to torture his own pack of hounds and took over that grisly duty with relish. Because that’s how Junkyard Owners roll.

Yet when the Junkyard Dogs we breed from those regions come roaring back, driven by zealously religious fanatics and fueled by equally conservative hatred toward us, American Junkyard Dogs whine and whimper out loud about why other Junkyard Dogs would want to pick on us.

The entire mentality is a sickness much like rabies, because the bite really is worse than the bark. For it spreads a disease we call American Exceptionalism, which is really nothing more than Wolfowitz-like arrogance in sheep’s clothing. And there we go. Foaming at the mouth. Biting anyone that comes near. Distrusting other dogs if they’re a different color. Woof woof.

dick-cheneyPerhaps the only real cure for a rabid junkyard dog is to put them down somehow. Vote them out of the Tin Huts they occupy. Take away their ability to sell off the land and property. Prevent them from turning America into a conservative junkyard where everything is for sale even while the entire infrastructure of the place is breaking down before our eyes.

So we have to ask ourselves: Do we really want America to be a Junkyard guarded by Junkyard Dogs or should we view the nation as something better?

The warning signs outside the gates have been there for years. The Junkyard Owners have been sending their rabid hounds after Obama for seven years. These are people who fondly recall using mad hounds to chase down the people they call niggers in the swamps of Mississippi. They view the man in office as their property, and the office he occupies as their property. And they’re angry because they think he stole it from them even though they were the ones that stole it by use of a Junkyard Supreme Court ruling back in 2000. The Junkyard is a cruel and vicious place you see. The Junkyard Owners already killed both the Kennedy boys for playing with their Junk Heap. They killed Martin Luther King, Jr. too. Don’t mess with the Junkyard Owners. They are a truly evil crew.

And they simply cannot fathom that anyone else sees the world any differently. They care not for the considerate behavior of breed of dog that actually has manners and a considerate temperament. That’s not how junkyard dogs act, and the Junkyard Owners consider it an insult to show respect to anyone other than a Junkyard Worker holding a gun. They consider anything else to be a sign of weakness and a lack of Junkyard character.

urlAnd that’s where the world of Junkyard Dogs is headed. If they have their way, they’ll be sending rabid hounds after women for the simple act of having sex without their permission, because Junkyard Owners view themselves as pimps in control of their bitches. That means women never get to choose what they do with their own bodies. And if someone gets raped or pregnant in the Junkyard, well you better expect to carry out that delivery in nine months or you’ll get banned from the Junkyard completely.

The Junkyard Owners surely would love the bloodsport of pinning gays and transgender and brown people and liberals against the chain link fence if they get out of line. Let the Junkyard Dogs gnaw on them a little. That will show them their place in the Junkyard.

The Junkyard Owners are also fixing to build a giant damn wall around this goddamned junkyard of a country. They’ll kill anyone that tries to come in without paying the Junkyard Owner. It will be a huge wall. Guarded by lots of Junkyard Dogs. Vigilantes and militias bearing glock fangs and military style collars.

So we have a choice. It’s either a future as a Junkyard or knocking down the fences and standing by our freedoms.

Woof woof.




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