Republican toothpaste won’t go back in the tube


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Graphic by Christopher Cudworth


So, the campaign for President is headed toward 2016, and what have we seen from the Republican side? A whole lot of foaming at the mouth about the state of the nation. Yet it’s a brand of political toothpaste that seems to be causing cavities in the GOP.

alg-donald-trump-jpgFrom the vacuous, poisonous observations of Dr. Ben Carson to the highly corrosive language of Donald Trump, Republican candidates are grinding away at their base. For the American people, it’s like brushing teeth with sulphuric acid.

Yet Republicans keep doubling down as they brush with racism and xenophobia, as if that’s the way to establish a clean and loyal base.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is rinsing himself with evangelical fervor, and Marco Rubio just hopes his hard smile wins some converts somewhere. But as always with seemingly forthright Republicans, it turns out there might be a little rotten behavior behind that smile.

marathon-man-1976-04-gWe’re faced with a party whose tactics most resemble the dentist in the movie Marathon Man. Cruelty, anger and hatred are the prescription medicines of choice. Are voters expected to lie back and take this? For how long?

America suffered through eight years of the antics of Dr. Clousseau dentistry under George Bush while the sadistic political practitioner Dick Cheney (is that him in this photo above?) called for the power of a Unitary Executive while approving torture as a means of extracting information in Black Sites around the world. All while stockpiling military-industrial money for himself in the back offices of the White House.

dick-cheneySo you see, the Republican toothpaste does not go easily back in the tube. Trump isn’t really trying anymore. He just keeps spitting out bits of his teeth and gums along with his racist, xenophobic brand of Republican “misery loves company” ideology.

“This hurts you more than it hurts me,” seems to be the Trump mantra. And people follow along, because authoritarian patients love anyone that promises their selfish misery is being acknowledged as the American Way.

It’s apparent they had their Wisdom Teeth out long ago.

7 thoughts on “Republican toothpaste won’t go back in the tube

  1. No doubt about it, Ben Carson is a black racist who wants to discriminate against other blacks (or so some morons seem to think). Gee, why didn’t I think of that before? Guess I just don’t have enough drugs, especially of the hallucinatory type.

    • Ben Carson is disconnected from reality by his pathetically naive religious worldview. He cannot conceive even basic concepts of science, much less understand social dynamics. He’s deeply conflicted by his own reported anger and conversion, and can’t seem to resolve those basic things in his politics. So he does wind up being discriminatory toward other black people because he sweeps all his issues under the same rug of stupidity. It may not be intentional racism, but it’s real.

  2. Trump is right about cuttring way down on importing Muslims from third world countries. They world view and values are simply not compatible with a modern democratic society, and as soon as you get enough of them you will see that too. Almost all are of exactly the same brand of Sunni Islam as ISIS.

    • The same thing was said about Catholics and Italians and the Irish and all sorts of other seemingly blameworthy populations. America is a melting pot. Except for the Native Americans. We slaughtered them to make way for the Catholics, and the Italians, and the Irish. We were the ISIS to the Indians. We installed our Christian caliphate. So the very things we most hate in the idea of others is the thing we have most expressed in ourselves. Ever stop to think about that?

      • “The same thing was said about Catholics and Italians and the Irish and all sorts of other seemingly blameworthy populations. America is a melting pot.”

        Those peoples at least came from countries in western civilization, not people like Muslims who belong to a religion of violence who have not culturally or morally left the 7th century A.D.

        And no, don’t tell me that Christianity is inherently a religion of violence. There have been violent people who claimed to be Christians but nowhere in the New Testament is there any justification for that violence.

        However there is ample justification for violence, intolerance, murder of non-Muslims, and slavery in the Koran and the writings of Mohammed’s followers – justificadtion in spades. A jihadist is just a Muslim who actually believes his religion.

        As to the native Americans, they were not saints either – murdering savages in many cases.

    • So you prefer Trump as President? What is your belief about his ability to govern? His supposed negotiation skills have resulted in banktruptcy four times or so, and he has claimed in public that he’d like to bang his own daughter. But because he shows hatred and fear towards Muslims, you support him. That’s called being a bad judge of character.

  3. The real problem is that modern day “Christians” do make use of justification of violence from the Old Testament. They also use it to justify racism, discrimination and more. And Paul, while a brilliant advocate for Christ, exhibited sexist tendencies that are to this day used to discriminate against women in the church and beyond. And in some cases, it leads to domestic violence. And in other cases, worse than that. The foundations of Christianity, when taken literally, and when transposed onto modern events, are just as awful as those used for violent purposes by the Muslim faith. The genocides in the Old Testament were horrid. And the ramp ups for war, the premeditated plan to wipe out entire peoples. It all bleeds through to the New Testament embracers who leverage it to their purposes.

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