It all lines up under Trump

It’s interesting what happens when you go “behind the scenes” and actually visit the page of a Trump Troll busy trying to defend the indefensible actions of a President compromised by his multiple breaches of constitutional law.

These include violations regarding emoluments, newly revealed evidence of tax evasion, genuine fraud convictions on both Trump University and the Trump Foundation, campaign finance regulations, impeached attempts at coercing foreign governments to aid in his re-election, secret payments to porn stars, serial refusals to pay for contracted work or compensate cities for law enforcement costs during his campaign rallies, and patently racist attempts to encourage police brutality and enact fascist tactics against American citizens across a number of fronts.

All while holding a Bible in a supposed demonstration of his pure conscience.

The fact that Trump Trolls support all this corruption because the President excels at political theater is quite an indictment of the overall greed for power. Those that support Trump refuse to confess that these confused ethics and the moral hypocrisy that drives them are a danger to the nation. Instead they spout platitudes such as Make America Great Again as if those four words have any meaning at all.

The fact of the matter is that Trump knows better than anyone that slogans sell even worthless products. HIs “You’re Fired” statement fueled a reality TV show that covered up his bankruptcies and bankrolled his brand despite its many failings. Without that $200M or so that he gained from playing a a business mogul on TV, he might have been exposed and deposed for financial fraud a long time ago. How ironic it is that his fake world saved his real ass.

Do like the Russians do

So we should not be surprised that the content posted on their the Facebook pages of Trump supporters is often comprised of fake attempts to justify the Trumpian appetite for power over purpose. The typical tactic of Trumpian memes is to purposely present a falsely black-and-white contrast on social conscience and civil rights. This happens to be exactly how Russian interference in the election proved most effective. It is no surprise that this type of disinformation was eagerly shared by Trump supporters to make the case that their preferred candidate holds the key to American prowess and success.

In fact, what Trump holds most dear to his heart is the authority to undercut the rule of law and democracy. This is exactly how Vladimir Putin conducts business. Trump supporters and to a large degree, the entire Republican Party is complicit in this behavior. The Party of Lincoln has become the party of Do Like The Russians Do.

Divide and Conquer

By way of exploration on this tactic, I explored the wall of a Trump support who was busy chirping at a friend of mine that about a post concerning the debt owed by Trump and how it might lead to a conflict of interest if foreign interests controlled loans to Trump totaling nearly half a million dollars. The Trump woman insisted instead that the “facts” were not in on Trump’s taxes and that no one should be allowed to pass judgment on the man until Trump himself released his tax records.

It’s pretty clear why Trump is not eager to let that happen. He’s spent five years avoiding the issue and doing everything he can to keep his tax records secret. To distract attention from this and other issues that indict his behaviors, he spends most of his time stoking up social and civic fears among his base, a sector of society that seems to prefer distraction over the substance of reality.

Here’s one of the memes that the Trump Troll woman posted on her page.

The group that claims to be the creator of this meme is called Keep America American, an apparel company whose About Us page states, “Our main goal at American Nation is to promote patriotism and love for our homeland no matter the occasion. It’s okay to be a NATIONALIST. It’s okay to be AMERICAN. ” The. slogan that adorns its logo is “Peace through superior firepower.”

Those statements are rife with the barely concealed racism of words such as “homeland” and the tradition that says America is originally and foremost a white nation. Thus it also supports the “whatever it takes” mentality of KKK tactics that define and defend that homeland. The apologetic headline “If the KKK is a hate group” pretends to admit that fact, but only as a precursor to claim that Black Lives Matter is a far greater threat to public safety.

Dismissing the fact that the KKK tortured, raped, persecuted, lynched or murdered thousands of Black Americans in order to claim that Black Lives Matter is its counterpart is a sick attempt at moral equivalency. The KKK emerged in direct response to the abolition of slavery. For 100 years until the Civil Rights Act was passed in the mid-1960s, Black Lives were subject to Jim Crow laws and harsh discrimination all across America. That institutionalized racism bled into law enforcement, filled American prisons with a disproportionate number of Black American citizens, and led to the serial murder of dozens of Black citizens at the hands of police across the nation.

That trifecta of corrupt outcomes is why Black LIves Matter was conceived and introduced as a protest against the American system as a whole. Its original premise is that respect for life was not being shown to Black members of society.

Trumpism is destructive

Into this conflicted scene marches the Racist In Chief, President Donald Trump. His own history of racist statements are not confined to Black Americans. His appetite for racial taunts and discrimination emboldens Trump supporters to espouse racism as a normal and legitimate state of mind in America. Trump has leveraged that approval as a tool for political power. Though this blog posted prior to the Presidential debate on September 29, 2020, it is worth this revision on September 30 to note that Trump refused to disavow white supremacist groups such as the Proud Boys. Instead he instructed them to Stand Down and Stand By. By any normal measure of law and order, those words constitute a threat and an act sedition against the United States of America. So much for the Second Amendment, which begins, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state.” Trump prefers vigilante fear and injustice instead.

The Trump administration builds its rhetoric from the foundations of racist advisor Stephen Miller. Trump and his followers seek to turn back the clock on social progress to a period when intimidation based on race was an acceptable tool of social dominance. While many Trump supporters adamantly insist they are not racist, and Black conservatives claim to love the politics and policies of Donald Trump on matters of economics, trade, housing and healthcare, the inescapable burden of such support is that racism is strapped to the backs of all those who carry water for Trump.

Confusing racism with patriotism

The sickest thing about in all this social conflict is that these brands of closeted racism are now considered a brand of patriotism. Racism and a cultlike brand of nationalism is what Trumpism promises to carry out through its slogan Make America Great Again. What else could it mean? Trump loyalists eager to dismantle American institutions such as the Department of Education and Environmental Protection Agency have worked to dismantle the purposes for which those governmental bodies were established.

Their efforts are succeeding, especially with Covid-19 gutting even normal educational processes thanks to Trump’s disaffecting response to the pandemic and wildfires burning away millions of acres of land in California even while Trump disavows any possible effects of climate change on dramatic environmental disasters. Trumpism is destructive of every type of public trust and responsibility. All of this destruction is backed by religious ideology that claims white people are the Chosen People of God and that the earth is doomed by Original Sin, and isn’t worth saving even if we wanted to try.

Nothing really changes

This is the America in which we now live. It is probably the America in which we have always lived. Civility and justice owned the stage for a while, but the reign of the Great Entertainer Donald Trump is indeed a fulfillment of the self-indulgent wishes of the Great Communicator and Original Dog-Whistle President Ronald Reagan, who started the destruction of America rolling in the early 1980s.

Now Trump has turned the fight for the survival of the American ideal into a real-life nightmare. The only real concern of the Reality Show President is saving face and saving his own skin from indictment and conviction. He knows from his TV experience that pitting Americans against each other in a war of survival is an ideal distraction while he sucks money from the nation through his ill-earned position as President of the United States.

That’s why Trump loves the racist memes and hate spouted by his supporters. It is his only hope for some kind of redemption against the fraud and corruption he’s already committed and plans to expand upon with a second term. Trump knows that gaining fascist control of the nation is worth the kind of money that even money can’t buy. It all lines up under Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump’s sneakers are better than yours, and that’s all he cares about



Balenciaga Men’s Triple S Mesh & Leather Sneakers, Blue $975.00 from Nieman-Marcus

More than a few people have tried to explain the persona and psychology of Donald Trump. While I tried most of my adult life to avoid thinking about him, ignoring his desperately cloying attempt at self-justification with his reality TV program “The Apprentice” and all its spinoffs, it has been impossible to avoid him now that he’s, gulp, still officially the President of the United States.

The best any of us can do to deal with this strange bit of unreality is to use our personal frame of reference and try to comprehend why a blatant egotist such as Trump is worshipped by his base. In my case, I’ve had the opportunity to deal with a number of Trump-style personalities in my life. I learned quickly how shallow they can be in how they think and what they value. I also learned how prodigiously they like to project those “values” on everything they encounter in life. And how some people still invariably worship them for these traits.

Sneaker values

Once while traveling to a client meeting in the company of the President and CEO of the marketing firm where I worked as a creative director, the man who called himself Mr. Big turned to me and said, “What’s the best running shoe?”

He knew that I was a competitive runner, so I thought he was curious about the best type of running shoes for his own exercise routine. As I began to explain the differences in the various types of shoes available on the market, noting there were shoes for cushioning, stability and…he interrupted me and said. “No, I mean, what’s the most expensive shoe?”

That is how he judged quality. What costs the most. He wanted to make sure that the sneakers he wears are somehow better than yours.

To Trump, the White House is a dump


We now know that a “my sneakers are better than yours” attitude is one of the most Trumpian traits of all. After all, it was Trump that branded the White House a “dump,” likely comparing the historic symbol of presidential occupancy to the glitzy hotels on which he slaps his own name as if it were a label on an expensive shirt. It’s what Trump does. And little more.

Shitholes and brown-skinned invaders

But the public insult toward the White House was not enough for Trump. He went on to label countries that he did not like “shitholes” because they did not meet his perception of what developed nations should be.

That Trumpian slur was rife with racist implications, a fact proved beyond doubt when Trump went on to brand immigrant traffic from largely white countries, such as Norway, far more desirable than people coming to America from countries whose principal populations happen to have brown or other colors of skin. In Trump’s estimation, the “best sneakers” on the immigrant market have fair hair, blue eyes, and white skin.

It’s all in what you own

We’re also faced with a President who once paid off a porn star for silence about their relationship, and who walked in on half-dressed teenage girls at beauty pageants because he thought he “owned” them.

That same President repeatedly tried to “own” President Obama for golfing during his terms in office.  Yet Trump has proceeded to golf more than any President in history, mostly at resorts that he owns so that his companies will profit at the expense of the American taxpayer. His properties even charge the Secret Service $650 per night, thus maximizing Trump’s personal profit by overcharging an agency that can’t say “no” to his demands because they are charged with protecting him. This is criminal activity according to the emoluments laws governing the President of the United States. Trump should be impeached for it.

Fraud and fecklessness

But Trump is a feckless egotist, a person incapable of grasping that the fraud committed through his own University and the closure of his own foundation for corrupt activity are clear indictments of his criminally corrupt nature. In that same vein, he also claimed that his coercive call to the president of Ukraine was “perfect” and then proceeded to malign the whistleblower, the free press, the public servants testifying about corruption and Congress for investigating and telling the truth about Trump’s actions and baldly apparent motives. Even Senators that voted to acquit Trump admitted that he’d broken the law.

A petty thief

The Trump presidency is essentially one petty theft of virtue after another. Every day brings a new little crime, as if Trump were walking into an expensive shoe store, tossing his own shoes aside, slipping on a pair of the most outrageously priced footwear he can find, then walking out the door as if he owned them. If anyone questions the criminality of his actions, he blames the store for selling that brand of footwear in the first place.

Bad sneakers and the viral stench of Coronavirus

To Trump, any truth that conflicts with his oversized ego is a set of bad sneakers that he brands “fake news” and then turns around to brag about how much his own stupid sneakers are worth.

Melania sneakersBut now his selfishness and bald-faced attempts to protect his petty theft of God and country are having deadly consequences. He spitefully killed the agency established by President Obama to prepare and protect the nation in the event of a pandemic. Then lacking any credible information about the threat to come, Trump also chose to ignore and lie about the deadly nature of Covid-19. Instead, Trump tried to hide the threat from the public and claim that it would disappear “like magic.”  All done so that his precious perch on a humming economy (thanks much to President Obama) would not be impacted. As for his equally clueless and tone-deaf First Lady Melania Trump, all she could do during the rising pandemic was tweet about some tennis facility she was proud to christen. But she’s got nice sneakers…


Bad sneakers

You fellah, you tearin’ up the street
You wear that white tuxedo
How you gonna beat the heat
Do you take me for a fool
Do you think that I don’t see
That ditch out in the valley
That they’re digging just for me

–Bad Sneakers, Steely Dan

Now the United States has surpassed even China in the number of tested cases of a dangerous strain of Coronavirus. Trump insists that everything is going great and that his administration has done everything it can to help the American people. He even begged the Senate to toss a bunch of money together to bail him out of this mess by bribing business and the American people into not blaming him for the gross incompetency related to the dangers of this pandemic. It’s clear that it is Trump’s sneakers that stink in this case, but he’s blaming the smell on everyone else. And always will.